About Us

Welcomce to La Miranda Nails & Spa

  • La Miranda Nails & Spa takes great pride in being an extremely clean and sanitized nail salon & spa.
  • Our nail technicians clean the entire spa every morning and clean after every client.
  • We supply each nail technician with Sterilization Pouches for their tools and materials. After each client, the nail technician disinfects their tools and then places them under a sterilizer. Once clean, all tools are placed within a sterilization pouch until needed. This process is done for ever client to ensure a clean, healthy and sanitized spa.
  • For your safety and others, we have the “New” Sanitize- Smart jets in our entire Spa Pedicure System. This ensures that water used from previous pedicures are NOT being trapped or circulated into your water. After each pedicure, we disinfect and drain all water, creating a clean and sanitized pedicure tub for each client.
  • We use only the best and cleanest supplies there is to offer for each and every client.
  • Any other questions regarding sanitation, please do not hesitate to call us at 239.970.0178.